The NEW Flavour!

Been ages since I have posted here, sorry about that for those who followed or checked in frequently! Will be doing a monthly newsletter soon that people can subscribe to to get all the latest updates and market dates. Onto the news!

Introducing the new flavour that will "eventually" be replacing the Chipotle & Dill. Meet Sun-Dried Tomato & Chipotle! Filled with chewy tangy bits of organic sun-dried tomatoes paired with organic tomato paste it offers a whole new paradigm of the traditional Rust Bucket sauce. Pairs wonderfully in pastas, with chips, crackers, and in hummus among a million other dishes! I will be letting the Chipotle & Dill run out prior to phasing in this new flavour so if you love the Chipotle & Dill, time to stock up at Oscar & Libby's and at the upcoming Oaklands Sunset Market as well as some drop ins I will be doing at Esquimalt Farmers Market :) Thank you all as always for your continued support and love for Rust Bucket Hot Sauce!

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