Last Time for 2016!!

We will be rockin the Victoria Public Market at The Hudson on Douglas St tomorrow from 11am till 3pm to help out all those panicked folks who left their Christmas shopping till the last minute ;)

Hope to see some of you tomorrow as I spent all day in a hot kitchen popping out 70 jars for your gift giving eating pleasure so come on down and stock up, they make perfect stocking stuffers and gifts...they are also great for consuming with pretty much about anything! :D

Besides, there is nothing better than getting food for Christmas as you get to enjoy it with others and then once gone you do not have to worry about additional trinkets and dust camels lying around the house not being used.


Once again, thank you all for the wonderful support through 2016 during our 1st stab at starting a sauce business; it was all new to us but you made us feel welcomed and gave us hope we are on the right track. From my Wife & myself we wish you all an awesome Merry Christmas (yeah I said it!) and a great New start to 2017!

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