Some Sad News, Well Sorta?

I was hoping I would not have to do this, especially so soon, but it looks like I might have to raise the price a little on the old Rust Bucket Sauce :( Our dollar is doing so poorly (and expected to get worse) that the prices of all my organic ingredients (which are not cheap to begin with) from my supplier have gone up. In order to keep investing in the sauce and manage the upkeep I might have to bring it up to $15 now and for this I apologize in advance!

Nearly a cup of organic olive oil goes into each jar and when I see chili infused 250ml bottles of organic olive oil going for $16USD I suppose the $15CDN fee (with all the ingredients that go into our sauce along with the labour) isn't a deal breaker in price, right?

Once again sorry about this and hope to maintain and continue your business in the future! Without you fans I would just be making this for myself, like the old days :) Thanks to everyone in advance for the understanding.

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