The Cosmic Child Has Grown Up & Become A Monk...Say What?

The original flavour, while darn tootin' tasty, just didn't sell that much due to the Ginger and Chipotle being so good it generally sat whimpering in the corner with little love. As a result we decided to leave the original for the killer base that it is for all flavours and roll out a BRAND NEW FLAVOUR! Oh yeah folks...we are bringing in the classic Asian based chili oil flavour that has been around since the dinosaurs roamed this fine planet...that being the all time fave Black Bean & Peanut. :D We use organic (but of course) unsalted roasted peanuts and roasted black beans to give the original base a really nice crunchy peanut flavoured overtone with chewy flavourful bits of black beans in the mix. They add a really nice subtle flavour and give some additional awesome texture that is always nice in a finishing chili oil hot sauce. I just had some with tortilla chips and man oh man I found it hard to stop haha :D Look for it this week at the 1st ever UVIC Market, starting at 11am and running till 4pm! We will also be at the Vining St Party Market this Sunday Sept 11th as well...come on down and try some of the old favorites as well as the new flavor flav!

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