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Image by Pratiksha Mohanty


When we started experimenting & making hot sauce back in 2004, we had no idea what we were doing or how exactly to achieve it. We did, however, know what we wanted; an organic non-GMO hot sauce that wasn't fermented or vinegar based & didn't destroy your dish's overall flavour & goal due to excessive raw heat.

Instead we wanted to create a classic Asian/Mexican inspired chili oil/sauce that added nice heat but also added to & enhanced whatever you put it on, flavour wise. There are enough tasty tongue melting vinegar based sauces out there to choose from so this had to be unique & different while retaining some classic roots. 

We started with a base of olive oil since it never goes rancid, is full of nutrition, acidic, & allows the sauce to slow simmer vs boil. This medium absorbs flavour without changing it. The roasted garlic & sesame seeds add that nice aroma filled flavour to your food while the chilli seeds add the required delayed medium scorch to the back of the throat.
​The varying flavours just complete the package into one of the best hot sauces we hope you may ever try.

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